Soft Body and Backpack Armor

Unlike hard armor plates, soft body armor is comfortable and offers a high level of protection against common ballistic threats. Police officers wear these armors under their uniforms, making them extremely convenient for everyday use. However, before purchasing this type of protective gear, you should know about the different levels of protection it can offer, what it is made of, and how durable it is. Here are some things to consider when buying soft body armor. Let’s take a closer look.

One common form of soft armor is a bullet resistant vest. Bullet resistant vests are constructed from ceramic or metal plates. Tightly woven fiber layers also provide additional protection against slash attacks and pistol bullets. Some workers wear chain mail-armored gloves. These gloves are very similar to those used by butchers and abattoir workers. Butchers and other employees working in a slaughterhouse use bullet-resistant vests to protect their hands (more information).

Another type of body armor is the bulletproof vest, which reduces the impact of fragmentation on the torso when a bullet hits it. This type of armor is typically worn by security guards, police officers, correctional officers, and even ordinary citizens. The protection provided by these vests differs from one model to another. In most cases, the best soft armor can protect you against threats of Type IA and IIB, but it still cannot completely protect you against rifle shots.