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Soft Armor For Backpacks and Messenger Bags

Level II soft armor panels are a great way to protect yourself from most handgun threats. These plates can be worn as vests or backpacks or messenger bags. The Rimelig Ballistic Plates are made from imported p-Aramid fibers and are designed, cut, and assembled in the USA. If you want to protect yourself while you’re on the go, consider Rimelig. This protective vest or backpack can be the best option for your personal protection needs.

Aside from being flexible, soft armor allows the wearer to reach over or around obstacles. This helps maximize the comfort level. The wearer can feel the impact without feeling restricted. This type of vest is the ideal choice for a person who doesn’t like to be restricted by heavy armor. A vest can have a different design depending on the situation and the individual. If you are worried about your safety, a softer vest might be the best choice.

While hard body armor is usually made of a single layer of steel and ceramic plates, soft vests can also incorporate metal components, like buckles and slits, to give the wearer extra protection against rifle rounds. These vests are often used by private security guards, police, and private citizens. They are more comfortable than their hard-plate counterparts, but they tend to get hot if you wear them for extended periods.