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Level II Soft Armor For Backpacks, Messenger Bags, and Vests

Level II soft armor panels provide affordable protection from handgun threats. These protections can be worn on the body or in backpacks, messenger bags, and vests. They’re made of imported p-Aramid Fibers and designed, cut, and assembled in the USA. For more information, visit the manufacturer’s website. To purchase soft armor, visit their website. For more information about ballistic plate protection, click here.

One advantage of soft armor is that it is flexible, allowing the user to reach over or go around obstacles. Unlike hard body armor, it isn’t bulky, so it’s more likely to be worn under a uniform, rather than as a standalone piece of gear. The advantage of using this type of body armor is its flexibility. It can be lightweight, yet protect the wearer from blunt force trauma. However, a soft armor backer doesn’t provide the same protection as a plate.

Soft body armor is made of multiple layers of ballistic fibers. These fibers are lightweight, making them a good option for those working in remote locations. Another benefit is that they can be worn under clothing or over clothing. Some soft armor is even designed to be invisible under clothing. The type of soft armor that you wear will depend on the threat you’re most likely to face. There are a variety of different types of soft armor, so consider the right one for you based on what your job requires.